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When you have been to weddings or maybe you have taken part in wedding events for your friends, you surely know the wedding events and you can choose the moments that the photographer needs to capture in the objective. Lease a professional wedding photographer pays off because it will make the experience easier for you to follow and is always in the right place at the right time.
Together with the wedding photographer from Swansea , we have created a list for you which wedding moments should not be missing in the lens.

Portrait of a bride

At traditional weddings the bride is usually at the heart of the event. The most beautiful and glad of the girls in fresh and restful ceremonial clothes, ready for new challenges in the common life. As you work a lot on your wedding day, make sure you do not miss the most beautiful motifs from the photographer.

Portrait of a couple

Your parents probably showed their wedding pictures when they were still a baby and you also dreamed of how they married. Now they can carry on the tradition. The 
wedding album should be the legacy that your children will feed and give it to your children. They are therefore standing in front of the lens and shining in the newlyweds ' happiness.  

Wedding ritual

While no special occurrence occurs during the wedding ceremony, a pre-arranged ritual magnifies your love. However, there are times that symbolize the past and forecast the future. Walking to the altar and the confession of love in the presence of the domestic wedding fellow are just two of them.

Wedding decoration

Encourage the photographer to recreate the atmosphere of your wedding photos. Photographs the luxurious decoration, flowers, mantis and surroundings of the 
wedding location so that they will remember the most beautiful day in their life. Beautiful photographs from the still life of wedding simultaneously allow you to remember all the details you have prepared for m 

Exchange of rings

The first sign you will recognize is your wedding ring from now on. The exchange of rings is therefore one of the most important scenes at the marriage. In the registrar's register add your signature. The motif of each wedding album is captured in a new composition by a skilled photographer.

First kiss

best wedding photographer must not overlook the first kiss! While they have been together for years and spent much time in your first real kiss, they will always establish their relationship with a kiss when the law is promulgated. Do you not want to forget this moment? Even when you're older, a happy kiss falls when you listen to the wedding album.

First dance

"Remember, dear, how beautiful did we dance?" A happy woman's words. Fun is of utmost importance at weddings, we celebrate a happy event in a big family with her and with friends. The first dance of a bride and bride is observed with interest. When you've been dancing for many months, they'll make sure everything remains!

For the first time in ceremonial dresses

It has a meaning to change into beautiful clothes, but we can understand it in our own way. It means the desire of a bride and wife to be the best and best choice for her better half from the first day of her wedding. That's why it is a beautiful scene to prepare for the wedding, where they quietly say goodbye to the old clothes and surprise the new to go down the new road–a common way.

Congratulations to the wedding guests

They will be dressed in the background during the wedding ceremony. However, ask the photographer to pay attention when you greet and congratulate you. This takes the sincere wishes of your loved ones and friends into consideration. Why would I leave out their sincere grin and their hidden tears of joy? Your world in the company of people who love it is more beautiful. 

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The choice of materials for the production of wedding prints is a very important task. Wedding invitations give the bride an overview of the wedding issue and give her all the important information on the protocol for wedding. Some things have to be very careful before all invitations are sent. 

Capture all the elements of the invitation design Despite the fact that personal articles on wedding imprints are well included, they are actually less numerous. Although you love the lace on your wedding dress, flower arrangements or the outline of your wedding location at the sunset, all of these elements can not be included on wedding printed matters at the same time. Consult the printed matter designer and decide for one of them.

The printing dwarf

Ask your friends to read and edit your printed materials carefully. You will be surprised at what you can omit, write wrongly... Check that the dates, names, times and location are written correctly. The layout of the commas and the capital letters and the correct record of words must be taken into account. It repeats the whole procedure at least twice before submitting invitations to the press.

Too much color

We all want our invitations to stand out and be in sight of everything. We would like to use luminous and bright colors, such as yellow in combination with pink, for example. But watch out! Don't let them deceive you. They always try to match neutral colors. You also ensure that the whole text is clearly visible. We suggest consulting with experienced wedding paper designers or using three to five colours, two of them neutral.

Writing titles on envelopes

It takes your time to write titles. While many designers offer this service, they can decide to do so alone. In this case, it is important that they do not carry too much work and split it into different sets, as it is mentally difficult. Be careful not to make a written mistake.  

Time to answer

If they give the invited people too much time, but they have not sufficient time to reply, whether they are married or not, they can not even get a reply. Therefore, they determine the deadline for a reply. The best response time is three to four weeks from the day on which invitations are received.

Over delivery

Having in mind that you do not need to buy invitations for each match separately. Review the list of invited and how many addresses will send invitations. In this way you can halve the amount for wedding printed matters.

Think about finances

If you have decided to make all the wedding materials printed by themselves and thus save some money, you first calculate only all the costs and the hours you spend making. Otherwise, the final production costs may be much higher than when a professional designer invites you.

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